Vocal Preparation


My wife has a busy lifestyle and evidently, she have no time to even take into consideration in practicing for a vocal preparation. But I  advised  her that she should do it every time she performs in front of the stage. If you sing on a regular basis like her, your vocal chords and throat muscle groups are consistently being stretched and exercised. And like every muscle there are keys to holding your throat and vocal chords in good shape.

Just remember not to strain your voice. Don’t abuse it by throwing your voice into compromising conditions without the correct vocal preparation. I also suppose it’s actually essential that you just watch your food consumption prior to singing.  I don’t let my wife sing when her stomach is full.This implies if she’s leading the worship on a Sunday morning, she fast till after the service.

Lastly it’s actually essential to lubricate your voice whereas singing. But here’s a big important key.Don’t drink candy drinks, don’t drink espresso and don’t drink cold. One of the best factor is water at room temperature or slightly warm.

I hope these tips are beneficial to you in some way. What about you? How do you prepare your voice for singing?

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