Concert at the Park

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A few weeks ago, our music team was invited to perform at the Capitol grounds or commonly known as McArthur Park here in our city for a revival night concert. We are so thankful for the favor and opportunity that we were able to perform in front of many people. This is not actually our first time since we have been invited several times to perform at the mall, park, and many other public places.

However, we still feel that stage fright where we act that it was our first time to perform in front of a crowd.  We could still feel that goosebumps and butterflies in our stomach specially my back up vocals since it is their first time to sing. I advised them not to get panic and just perform their very best. Its really hard specially when you are the vocalist because you could see that all eyes are on you. So, every time I could feel that scary feeling, I just do my best and if ever I did some mistake, I just continue my performance. 


Stage Lighting


With an awesome stage lighting like this, who doesn’t love to jump in and get in to the live music beat of the band? It may be a theater production or a huge rock concert, the lighting gives an extraordinary power for an awesome stage performance. Any performance is greatly affected by how the performers are viewed. Stage lighting specially for bands is a tool for leaving a good, lasting impression in the hearts of the audience.

That’s what we have been planning to do for our band’s concert soon. We know that having a good stage lighting during performance, even if it is just a gig, is very essential. It simply enhances the show and keeps the attention of the audience where you want it. We just need to choose a good lighting fixtures, stage riggers and light effects, especially the colors to create the desired effect.

Great Sound System

I am always fascinated when it comes to great surround sound system specially in a live concert performance. I remember when I attended a concert which was held at Limketkai Atrium, the sound system is so awesome! The vocals and the music instruments where the live bands are playing are being heard so loud and clear. That is because of the quality sound system that they have.

Sound systems are indeed important in places which put on events because the voices need to be projected right to the very back of the room or hall. With the help of a qualified audio technicians, they can integrate a sound system which matches the venue’s exact requirements. This might be a simple microphone system or a fully integrated and managed audio system.

They need to ensure the speakers are properly distributed around the place to give the best sound effects without bouncing the sound off of the walls. This is useful for venues who put on large events such as conferences or theatrical performances.