Get Exclusive Songs and Tracks With Muve


Estelle Swaray on the decks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cricket Wireless is a popular wireless provider of smartphones in the United States. Besides offering an innovative smartphone platform, Cricket’s hassle-free no contract and no activation fee deals are very attractive. While the phone features all the specifications you’d anticipate in a smartphone these days, there’s so many reasons why people have come to like Cricket’s Muve Music.

It wasn’t long ago that Cricket unveiled Muve Music, its subscription music service for phone users. It wasn’t long after that when Muve Music became America’s second largest digital music subscription service, with over half a million users. The Muve Music library now features millions of artists. However, it’s not just the library that entices users; it’s the exclusive stuff that really sweetens the deal.

The Muve Exclusives

Muve Music regularly teams up with some of the biggest artists from around the world to produce exclusive content, tracks, and, the widely anticipated new Muve Music Compilation album. So far, their just-for-you collaborations have been impressive. Check out their track records below:

  • In January, Young Jeezy and Island Def Jam Music Group teamed with Muve to create the exclusive Muve Sessions album TM: 103, his latest album which features guests like Eminem, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, and Jill Scott.  
  • In March, Muve partnered with Grammy-winning Londoner Estelle to produce special commentary in anticipation of her newest album All of Me, available just for Muve users.
  • For the month of April, club king David Guetta treated Muve listeners to exclusive Muve Sessions tracks and detailed song commentary from his newest albums Nothing But the Beat and Nothing But The Beat Electronic. His track NBTB – Muve To The Beat, is a special gift to Muve users.
  • Headliners aren’t the only big names at Muve; other First Artists have also included Chiddy Bang, MGK, Breathe Carolina, Future, and Diggy, all of whom have given Muve users inside peeks and early release access to tracks and commentary.
  • Muve’s recent compilation album features artists from Mello Music Group, the renowned hip hop label that dishes out killer beats and sweet old-skool soul. Indie artists like Oddisee, Gensu Dean, yU and Apollo Brown provide both sound and in depth commentary, all exclusive to Muve users of course.

Club Cricket

Unfortunately, Muve’s albums, tracks, and commentaries are just for Muve subscribers. If you don’t want to miss out on upcoming artist collaborations and label compilations, you can check out Cricket Wireless’s Muve Music and get your hands on your own sleek smartphone. With MP3 players becoming a past phase, Muve Music allows you to get the latest tunes now, right in your phone, with no cords and no syncing required. Now that’s something to dance about.

She’s an Amazing Singer! Go Jessica Sanchez!!!

Jessica Sanchez is the hot and trending topic today when she was eliminated by the nationwide vote in “American Idol” but surprisingly, she was saved by the judges. American Idol production is indeed making big wave and they are extremely favorable to Jessica Sanchez.

Even Randy said, she’s one of the best singers in America. I totally agree! I myself loves Jessica’s soulful voice and my vote is on her too. Jessica deserves to be save cause she’s just too amazing to just leave! Go Jessica!

Overcoming Stage Fright

Our music band has been performing in different places but even though we can say that were already getting used to perform on stage, were still having a stage fright. Being the band’s main vocalist, I am also having a butterflies in my stomach where I felt nervous when I first walk on stage. I can see all the people are looking at me while waiting for us to perform. All eyes are on us so we need to perform well. There may be some unforeseen circumstances and mistakes during our performance but one thing that Ive learn is that no matter what happens, we must go on. I felt scared and nervous at first, but then after a few performances, Ive already adjusted and I was able to overcome my fear on stage.

If you suffer from stage fright, there are several ways to get over it. Overcoming stage fright is something most people want to accomplish because at some point of time, you will be performing in front of an audience. Preparation is vital and make sure you have the lines right and keep your wits about you. One great tip to overcoming stage fright is to establish a connection or a rapport with the audience.  Audience participation and response can cheer you on so build more confidence and get rid of your fear of public speaking. It is also  important that you maintain eye contact with your audience. Taking a deep breath can also help you to calm your nerves.  I hope that you will find this technique useful in getting rid of having a stage fright.

Our Little Performer

We have been invited to attend a revival night of praise and worship from the other church last week and our church music team was also invited to perform. After our performance, the host music team followed and I was surprised when my daughter went on stage, grabbed the tambourine and performed on stage too.

She was not ashamed to dance around and play along together with the danceable music that they played.She’s not only a little cutie poser who loves to pose and makes a peace sign in front of a camera but she’s gonna be a great musician who will inherit our family’s passion for music.