Jayesslee Duo – Beautiful Faces & Beautiful Voices

The first time that I saw this lovely twins on Youtube singing their own cover version from different popular music artists, I was totally amazed by their beautiful voice. Janice and Sonia who called themselves as “Jayessless” is actually one of the most subscribed musicians in Youtube. They are born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Both of their parents are Korean that’s why they can also write and speak the language.

What I love about this pretty duo is their beautiful voices with great rendition on their songs. I love most of their Christian inspirational and contemporary songs. Ive been trying to learn how to sing with a harmony or a second voice through their songs. I just love how they blend their voices together along with the nice strumming of the acoustic guitar. They’re really awesome!

Check out their newest music video cover. A song from Maroon 5 called “Payphone”.


Hiring a Live Band


There’s nothing like a live band to liven a birthday party,wedding or corporate functions that’s why choosing a band for hire is a major part of organizing your event to make it a successful and memorable occasion. You may be interested on a live music entertainment, the style will firstly reflect the purpose of the music in the event such as background music and dancing will be in keeping with the taste of the expected guests. Any themes designed in the event should also be reflected by the choice of the musical style.

You just have to keep it in mind when you’re planning for  your entertainment that you usually get what you pay for and scrimping on the price might mean scrimping on the quality too. Other reasonable additional expenses which may be added to the total cost includes the travel expenses, food and refreshments so this should also be budgeted for. I hope this ideas could help you out in choosing your band for hire. Good luck! 

Overcoming Stage Fright

Our music band has been performing in different places but even though we can say that were already getting used to perform on stage, were still having a stage fright. Being the band’s main vocalist, I am also having a butterflies in my stomach where I felt nervous when I first walk on stage. I can see all the people are looking at me while waiting for us to perform. All eyes are on us so we need to perform well. There may be some unforeseen circumstances and mistakes during our performance but one thing that Ive learn is that no matter what happens, we must go on. I felt scared and nervous at first, but then after a few performances, Ive already adjusted and I was able to overcome my fear on stage.

If you suffer from stage fright, there are several ways to get over it. Overcoming stage fright is something most people want to accomplish because at some point of time, you will be performing in front of an audience. Preparation is vital and make sure you have the lines right and keep your wits about you. One great tip to overcoming stage fright is to establish a connection or a rapport with the audience.  Audience participation and response can cheer you on so build more confidence and get rid of your fear of public speaking. It is also  important that you maintain eye contact with your audience. Taking a deep breath can also help you to calm your nerves.  I hope that you will find this technique useful in getting rid of having a stage fright.

The First World Music Concert in Cagayan de Oro City

Our band was honored to be a part of this awesome event which was held in Limketkai Center last October 30, 2011.  This event was named as the First World Music Concert in Northern Mindanao particularly  here in Cagayan de Oro City.  This concert aims to promote and preserve the distinct musical culture of the traditional music or folk music of culture that is created and played by indigenous musicians and is closely related to the music of the regions of their origin.

Our band was the first one who performed in this concert. We used the conga drums while we play Christian songs with a twist using tribal and reggae music.

The other bands who performed was the Patatas Band, The Dihog Band and the Seven Tribes Band.  All of us who performed in that event incorporates the Philippine Ethnic traditional music instruments, African and Caribbean percs and Modern Pop Culture Instruments.

Schwyzerörgeli – A Traditional Swiss Folklore Music

My mom’s boyfriend (the one sitting in front) is a musician who plays Schwyzerörgeli or Swiss Accordion. It is a type of diatonic button accordion which is used in Swiss folk music. There are numerous small bands just like my mom’s bf and his band who plays  an individual selection out of several hundred titles in Swiss folklore style.

The Schwyzeroergeli is mostly used to play Swiss dance music, polkas, mazurkas, etc. The typical ensemble consists of two Schwyzeroergelers and a bass fiddle player. The first Oergeler plays the melody while the second plays the harmony or vamps chords.You can actually play minor chords on schwyzerörgeli, and it is common to hear the occasional usage of them in traditional swiss folklore music.

Singing Jolly Songs

After our band’s recent live performances which was held at our city park and one of the popular shopping mall here in our city, another opportunity was offered to us. We were invited to perform in different cities not only here in our place but it will be all throughout the Philippines. This concert tour is called “40venue” where two local bands that includes our band are going to perform in 40 cities around the Philippines.

Our band is actually different from the usual live bands around. Our main purpose is to help spread Christian music to the audience. The type of music genre that we used to sing are Christian reggae, ska, tribal and JOLLY or lively songs so that people could easily ride in. We feel so blessed and so honored to be a part of this nationwide concert tour.

Promoting Tribal Music

Aside from our band who performed a few weeks ago during the Kagay-an Festival here in our city, one of the band who also performed was this local tribal band that plays tribal music. Their songs are mostly in Visayan and also in our native dialect “binukid” that originated in Bukidnon.I really miss this kind of music since I often hear it way back during my childhood days.

I’m glad to know that this has been promoted back in reviving tribal songs so that people could still remember the good old songs from our ancestors.Tribal music is a type of contemporary music using stringed instruments such as native string band which typifies the blending of many influences that go into the cultivation of an indigenous art form.

Our Musically Inclined Child

My husband and I have noticed some certain things about our child that makes us feel proud where she has that musical aptitude of becoming an aspiring musician someday. We know she inherits this talent from us because these musical ability runs in our family since my hubby is the musical director of our church music ministry where he plays and teaches all the musical instruments such as lead guitar, rhythm, base, keyboard and drums while I am the one leading the praise and worship every Sunday service.

She already got that musical talent when she was still 1 year old where she wants to imitate me when I’m singing in front of many people. She wants to grab the microphone and sing with me too.

She really shows an interest when she saw someone who are playing a musical instruments like playing the drums. She pays attention on the drummer of our church that’s why after church service, she hurriedly sat down on the drummer’s chair and start to roll the drums.

When her father played the keyboard, she also grabbed her little keyboard and sat beside him as she tries to imitate pressing those keys and make some tune and melody in it.

She loves to hear any musical instruments she saw on television or during our actual performance. She dance, she sings and she does the tapping of her fingers and feet along with the music or drumbeats.

She sings to herself and she learn the songs easily. When she sings, she does a good job of staying relatively on pitch and she can easily recognize the melody of a song that she knows when it is played without the words.

Exposure to music has proven to be a helpful tool in developing our child’s cognitive abilities. We just have to give our child as much opportunity as possible to listen to various styles of music and give the best of our moral support and love for her. We will always be there to help her with her passion and encourage her love for music.

The Vocalist

Well yes it is. This is our life as a member of the music ministry . I am actually the song leader of our church. As the worship leader, I am the one who will choose the song for our Praise and Worship service every Sunday. Sometimes I find it hard to choose what song we will have to play and sing with since we have to fit it for the whole congregation where all the members can familiarize the song. But we have to choose a new song so that not all old songs will be played every week.

I am always looking for new songs  in the internet every week and I have to show it first to my fellow music team members if they will agree on the certain song that I chose.

Every Saturday, we have our music team’s practice and we will do a “sepra” on the new song that we have to play. We always bring our MP4 player so we can hear the original tune of the song and it is easier for us to follow what kind of chords that certain song are using. But often times, we don’t follow the original because they will follow my keys since I don’t have a very high pitch voice and I am usually using the key of D and G.

My hubby is the guitarist of our church. He is also the trainer who teaches of all our fellow music team who plays the base guitar, the drums, keyboard and the acoustic guitar.His job is actually hard since he had to teach all of them specially when we practice a new song and tune. However, he easily manages it because our fellow team members are cooperative and willing enough to know how to play the song.

I can easily memorize the lyrics and tune of the song too so it is easier for my hubby to play a certain new song since he already knows my key. We can make a good tune and melody together. I am so thankful to God for that talent He had given us.

Performing On Stage

Our music band and  team  have been to different places performing and we always had an awesome night of performance after that. And even I am already getting used in performing on stage, I’m still having that “butterfly in my stomach” feeling  specially when its my first time to step in on that stage. But my fluster mode will slowly getting vanished when I’m already on the stage for long minutes or an hour.

Our concert performance usually lasts for 30 minutes to 1 hour. It all depends because there are times when the crowd will request for more and more songs. All sweats are pouring in but we doesn’t care about it because all of us are enjoying on the stage. It is such a great feeling when the crowd is also dancing and singing with us.