Recording Bass Guitar

Recording bass guitar is very similar to capturing the sound of the electric guitar. Along with the drums, the bass forms the backbone of most songs and productions, so getting your bass sound right is a vital part of producing good music. The bass guitar can give your music productions a solid low-end foundation. Combined with the kick drum, when it’s used the bass guitar creates most of a song’s low-frequency content. 

Bass amps and cabinets will have better low-end response compared to normal guitar amps, to cope with the low notes of the bass guitar and to give the instrument it’s punch. If you’re looking for an amp that you can crank up and record at high volume, a cheap bass guitar are recommended.

Recording bass guitar can be easy when you follow a few simple guidelines. Whether recording directly, through an amp, or a combination of the two, capturing a great bass sound can give you a truly solid foundation for you to build your music and your productions on.

Get Started in Playing the Flute

Any flute player will tell you that starting to play on the flute was a hard task, but well worth it in the end, with the outcome of musical knowledge and a new skill.The flute takes extreme air support and if you are just someone who doesn’t think you will get the practice time in, maybe a different instrument will be right for you. The flute, like many other instruments, takes time to get good at, and if you don’t have the time, maybe this isn’t the best idea.

Before starting to learn how to play the flute, I suggest you seek an advice of an instructor or professional as to whether or not the flute is the best choice. Also attending an introductory class where individuals are allowed to try out different instrument so see which one will work best. This new flutes is difficult for some to learn but with plenty of practice and diligence mastery of this instrument can be achieved.

When Considering in Buying a Clarinet

Some consider the clarinet as the most lyrical of the woodwind instruments. Some beautiful music has been composed for the instrument just like the opening of the slow movement of Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto shows.

Because of the way it is constructed, one of the clarinet’s most frequently used assets is the ability to play rapid arpeggios and broken chords. Clarinets come in several different sizes and play an equally important role in jazz and classical music.

Before you can begin your journey of mastering how to play the clarinet, you have to choose the best great forestone 2.5 clarinet reed for your level of ability and style of music. You also need to choose a reed that works best for you. And as your talents really begin to shine, you’ll want to make sure that you are properly cleaning and maintaining your clarinet.

When you’re ready to purchase a clarinet, you have a lot to think about and many choices. You have to think about what materials you prefer, whether to buy new versus new, and much more. So when shopping for a clarinet, you should consider the type of the clarinet, quality, material and accessories.

Buying Music Accessories Online

Buying musical accessories is easy and convenient as it could be because you can purchase it online. Find great deals at online music stores and shop for the latest musical accessories which provide you with a high value product at affordable rate. You will be amazed at the discounted musical accessories prices they are offering too. You can find the best musical accessories for instruments such as piano, drum, guitar, even Reid supplies and many more.

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Playing the Base Guitar


The base guitar is one of the music instrument that I am also playing with.My father taught me how to play the bass since I was a kid because he is actually the bassist of an oldies band during their time.

Did you know that  bass lines can vary quite greatly from one genre of music to another? Its because it follows the rhythm guitarist’s chord progression as it maintains the pulse of one of the most basic aspects of the rhythm. What the bassist plays can have a pretty vast effect on the impression a song actually gives. All the time it is still the exact same rhythm guitarist contribution, but it will sound quite different from one of those bass line to another.

Every musician should be able to keep proper rhythmic timing, not just those who learn how to play bass guitar or drums. The rhythm actually helps to establish many of the traits that make a song actually sound like a particular genre. Practice is absolutely a must if you want to become a great bassist. It is no coincidence that every virtuoso bassist happened to spent a lot of time practicing to become a better bassist.

Conga Beat

One of the musical instruments that our band is playing is the conga drums. We need it specially when we are playing reggae songs or songs that needs this kind of drums. Tumbadoras or popularly known as conga are from Cuba with roots of cylindrical drums from Africa.

When you play conga, you just strike the drum head with your fingertips or palm of your hands. Conga drums come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each possessing its’ own unique sound. The smallest is called niño and the largest is the tumba. Players use any one, a combination or all the four sizes of congas.

The even rhythm of the Cuban tumbao along with a singing open tone to many nearly defines what are commonly known in English as conga drums where it is played with a dance.  It was popularized in the band of Desi Arnaz in the 50s from which it more or less gets its name.It was also popularized by the Queen of Latin Pop, Gloria Estefan with her groovy latin dance song Conga.

Schwyzerörgeli – A Traditional Swiss Folklore Music

My mom’s boyfriend (the one sitting in front) is a musician who plays Schwyzerörgeli or Swiss Accordion. It is a type of diatonic button accordion which is used in Swiss folk music. There are numerous small bands just like my mom’s bf and his band who plays  an individual selection out of several hundred titles in Swiss folklore style.

The Schwyzeroergeli is mostly used to play Swiss dance music, polkas, mazurkas, etc. The typical ensemble consists of two Schwyzeroergelers and a bass fiddle player. The first Oergeler plays the melody while the second plays the harmony or vamps chords.You can actually play minor chords on schwyzerörgeli, and it is common to hear the occasional usage of them in traditional swiss folklore music.

Tips in Buying a Guitar

When you are planning to buy a guitar for your personal use or for someone else then it is essential to choose a good guitar from the many. A good guitar will last long  and its easy to be played as well. Most of the guitars come from wooden finish, but do not just buy a guitar by its mere look and finish. You have to buy it after checking its  feature.

One of the important aspect of buying a guitar is its playability and a good guitar must be easily playable with more action. When the strings are too tight a player finds it difficult to play and they may feel frustrated. If you are a beginner, it is essential for you to choose a well playable guitar which you can play without any difficulty and will also not strain your fingers.

The next important thing while buying a guitar is the tuning, a local or cheap guitar has its tuners exposed. But in high quality instruments it is die cast and you will receive an even sound while playing the instrument. When it comes to guitar it is of two type acoustic and electric guitar, you may be confused whether to buy an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. If you are still a learner then acoustic guitar is the best.