What’s Next for Jessica Sanchez?


My bet Jessica Sanchez did not won the title as the American Idol but for me, she is the real winner and I believe in her incredible talent. Phillip Phillips may have won “American Idol” over Jessica but I am proud to know that the Mexican/Filipino singer is already in talks to work on her new album with Tommy Mottola.

According to the news, Mottola, who is a veteran producer to music heavy weights such as Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and even American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez, is sure to help Sanchez launch a successful singing career. You see? Jessica is simply phenomenal and I do believe that this humble singer with a very talented and very promising voice could make her a very successful singer.

She’s an Amazing Singer! Go Jessica Sanchez!!!

Jessica Sanchez is the hot and trending topic today when she was eliminated by the nationwide vote in “American Idol” but surprisingly, she was saved by the judges. American Idol production is indeed making big wave and they are extremely favorable to Jessica Sanchez.

Even Randy said, she’s one of the best singers in America. I totally agree! I myself loves Jessica’s soulful voice and my vote is on her too. Jessica deserves to be save cause she’s just too amazing to just leave! Go Jessica!