Singing with a Vocal Harmony


I just love listening to a song with a nice harmony in it.  I find melodies catchy but the harmony can make it even more beautiful. I also love to sing in harmony because I can combine melodic notes with different melodic notes from another to create a rich pitch blend.

Although I’m not that skilled enough in singing with a  second voice but I’m trying my best to know how I could adjust my tone. I am the main vocal so I usually sing the normal tune of the song and the back up singers will do the harmony.

A typical harmony is done with a main melody while one or more others sing either different melodies or a set of notes centered around the main melody. You can find your note and begin your part, while the other person finds his starting note.

You may need to work on just your own melody for a while before you try harmony. Many people struggle to sing at the same time as someone else, while singing different notes than the other person. So knowing your own part really well is very helpful when you are learning how to sing harmony.

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