Our Musically Inclined Child

My husband and I have noticed some certain things about our child that makes us feel proud where she has that musical aptitude of becoming an aspiring musician someday. We know she inherits this talent from us because these musical ability runs in our family since my hubby is the musical director of our church music ministry where he plays and teaches all the musical instruments such as lead guitar, rhythm, base, keyboard and drums while I am the one leading the praise and worship every Sunday service.

She already got that musical talent when she was still 1 year old where she wants to imitate me when I’m singing in front of many people. She wants to grab the microphone and sing with me too.

She really shows an interest when she saw someone who are playing a musical instruments like playing the drums. She pays attention on the drummer of our church that’s why after church service, she hurriedly sat down on the drummer’s chair and start to roll the drums.

When her father played the keyboard, she also grabbed her little keyboard and sat beside him as she tries to imitate pressing those keys and make some tune and melody in it.

She loves to hear any musical instruments she saw on television or during our actual performance. She dance, she sings and she does the tapping of her fingers and feet along with the music or drumbeats.

She sings to herself and she learn the songs easily. When she sings, she does a good job of staying relatively on pitch and she can easily recognize the melody of a song that she knows when it is played without the words.

Exposure to music has proven to be a helpful tool in developing our child’s cognitive abilities. We just have to give our child as much opportunity as possible to listen to various styles of music and give the best of our moral support and love for her. We will always be there to help her with her passion and encourage her love for music.

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