A Purchase from our Own Music Composition

It has been our music band’s desire to compose our own music. We actually had a few compositions made but we are trying our best to create and compose more music. I know it is not that easy to make composition but with the help of some basic teaching in dealing with musical composition, I’m sure we will be able to create good and inspiring compositions.

We are also interested in audio techniques and related sound notion, musique libre de droit, audio post-production technique and the latest virtual instrument for music composition so it could help inspire us in developing our own songs.

Although there are wide variety of royalty free music available in most popular genres  today but who knows our own composition or the stock music that we created will be discovered in certain projects for short film, TV commercials, documentaries, video game soundtracks and radio advertising right? Good thing we have a friend who could help us for our musical arrangement as well as the music production and hopefully soon, we could get some benefits in it when someone will purchase our own music composition.

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